Iris Field in Bloom
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(Slagle 2013) 

The white iris to trump all white irises, here and now.  It's no news that I’ve got a beef with white bearded irises.  They too often lack substance, are uninspiringly blah blah, and too often look like every other white iris ever introduced--white with a bit of ruffle and lace.  Meh.  ‘Ten Carat Diamond’ on the other hand throws up flowers that could easily be mistaken for gold-gilted, saccharine white plastic.  Rugged, beautiful, and altogether hot, this white iris deserves a place in gardens for its ruggedly feminine beauty and outstanding vigor.  Gary’s got a superb eye for show-quality stalks, but doesn’t forget to breed into his irises tough stems so those flower-laden branches don’t collapse on themselves.  In a word — exceptional.  A steal at $40.00.

Parentage: Helen Dawn x Venetian Glass

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$20.00 ea.